Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogger Julie: Allergy-Free Savings

As most of you know, shopping Allergy-free for convenience foods is not cheap! In fact, anything that is not full of junk is always more expensive. Why we are charged extra to be healthy I will never know. But, there are ways to help alleviate some of the sticker shock pain that comes along with these products. I have found that if I email the company directly, using the ‘contact us’ button on the company’s website, and simply ask them to send me some coupons, they WILL. I have received coupons from nearly all of the companies that I have contacted. Some will even send coupons for FREE products.

OrganicGroceryDeals.com often also lists deals or coupons that are available for allergen-free products like Enjoy Life Foods and you can trade coupons with others as well.

Feel free to share your own tips for saving money while being allergy-free!


  1. We often buy in bulk to get a better price whether it is through amazon or the company directly. Whole Foods will give you a discount (10%, I believe) if you purchase a case. I will often split the order with another family managing the same allergens so that I don't have so much food sitting around.

  2. Yes, wholefoods does give a 10% discount by the case. I often by long life soy and rice milk this way from there.

    I know Sunbutter offers a discount, the more you buy, off their website too.

  3. You basically just get 12 of the same product. I usually ask for a box to put the soy or rice milk in and it's never been a problem with availibity. If it was a more specialized product you might want to call ahead in case they need to order extra or put it aside for you.

  4. The quantity in a "case" depends on the product. For example, there are 24 Enjoy Life Foods rice milk chocolate bars in a case. For most products, there are 12. I just get an associate and ask them how many are in a case.