Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cocoa Balls - Using Soynut Butter, Tahini or Sunbutter

Lately, I've been trying to use up some soy nut butter and tahini that have been sitting around in my pantry for WAY too long. These cocoa balls turned out to be a great, fun snack that weren't too loaded with sugar! I've renamed the "Chocolate Earth Balls" from Whole Foods' website, and replaced the peanut butter for an easy treat that's easy for little hands to help make! The renaming came with the help of my 3-year old, who refused to help make "Earth Balls" because they were dirty, but would gladly make "Cocoa Balls." So there you have it. I've used both soy butter and tahini in place of the peanut butter (and omitted other nuts from the recipe). I bet Sunbutter would be great too!

Any of you have other good ideas for using Sunbutter, Tahini or Soynut Butter?


  1. I have a huge thing of Tahini as well that I need to use as well. I bought it for hummus, but haven't found a recipe I like. Does Ethan like hummus? I have heard of tossing cooked veggies in it for kiddos, and they gobble it up.

  2. We love Sunbutter around here. It is great for making no-bake chocolate cookies (think back to the grade school cafeteria). Also, has a great, easy peanut butter fudge recipe by Alton Brown that is fantastic when made with Sunbutter!