Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kid-Friendly Proteins

Make it Little. Make it Bite-Sized. I've learned that's one of the best ways to get a little one to eat. For us with allergies, we have a whole new set of challenges on top of the normal picky kid behaviors. Here are some of our favorite finger foods, all with proteins in mind. All nut/dairy/egg/shellfish-free. Check to see if they are free of other allergens that apply to your needs.

Also, I've frozen all of these (except the tofu & salmon). They are all great the second time around!

Salmon Fingers - My Replacements: Check Stuffing for Allergens, Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Oil Vegennaise, and Flax Seed egg Replacement instead of eggs.
Black Bean Burgers - My 3-year old LOVES these. For him, I just make small round meatball-sized 'burgers,' which are easier to eat.
Porcupine Meatballs - I've been looking for a good egg-free meatball. Finally I've found it!
Baked Tofu Sticks - Serve with some marinara dipping sauce, and they look just like french fries! Plus, they are very easy to make & have little hands help with.
Chicken Apple Bites - These are great. And time consuming. That's all I can say.
Chicken, Quinoa & Apple Patties - Okay, I don't love these as much as they chicken apple balls, but it's a nice variation for those who have wheat allergies.

Do you have any favorite protein recipes that your little ones love?

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