Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm in a Cupcake State of Mind

I guess I've been thinking about cupcakes alot lately! I wanted to share a new product with you - Manischewitz Chocolate Frosting! Free of all top 8 allergens except Soy. I saw it last week in the Kosher section of my local Kroger. I had yet to find a storebought chocolate frosting, so I was excited! So I figured I'd do a whole cupcake roundup. Here are some of my favorite products (besides KateeLayne, of course!)

Pillsbury Classic Supreme is dairy-free too! It appears to also be free of all top 8 allergens except soy. Check it out for yourself.And if you are here, then I hope you know about Cherrybrook Kitchen, which has egg/dairy free mixes, as well as a gluten/wheat-free line as well.

And speaking of cupcakes, here is a yummy white cake recipe, and one for chocolate cupcakes. Now I'm getting hungry!

Do you have other cupcake/cake recipes or mixes to share?

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  1. I use a very similar recipe to the chocolate one you posted except I use chocolate soy milk and add some Enjoy Life Chocolate chips. Makes it extra chocolatey. Yum!!