Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where in the World is Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy?

Has anyone else been looking everywhere for Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy?

I have been on a search for Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy for a couple of months now and cannot find it anywhere. Yesterday, I decided to call the company and see if I could get some answers.

In September 2010, Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl were recalled. If you have any of these medicines sitting around your house and you bought them awhile ago, they might be part of the recall. Call this number, 1-877-717-2824 and they can tell you if it has been recalled and if so, they will send you a refund.

As of now now, the company is having a hard time distributing the Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy after the recall, and they are unsure when it will be back on the shelves.

Would I give Brody the regular Benadryl with dyes if I had no other options? Absolutely, but if I can find an alternative that is dye-free, that would be my first choice.

Since Dye-Free Benadryl is not an option right now (and we do not know when it will be available), I spoke to a pharmacist at Walgreens, and he recommended the Children's WAL-DRYL Allergy Dye-Free. He personally has food allergies uses it.

I bought it, but wanted to call my allergist to confirm that is was alright to give. My biggest concern was that on the Children's Benadryl, it said do not give to children under 2 and on the Children's WAL-DRYL Allergy , it said to not give to children under 4. My allergist said that it was fine to give and the most important thing to look at was that the Diphenhydramine HCl (which is the antihistamine/active ingredient) was 12.5mg per teaspoon, which it is.

If you are like us, we do not go anywhere without "Benadryl" because there have been many times that it has saved us from going to the Emergency Room (too many times to count). If you do not take it with you and you have children with food allergies, I recommend getting some to take with you. We even keep it at the grandparents' house that live close by, so that we are never without it. So, until the Children's Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy comes back onto the shelves, the Children's Wal-Dryl Allergy Dye-Free would be a great replacement.


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