Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Food Allergies Affect Family Life

This article from today's US News & World Report strikes a nerve. Anyone relate? "Child's Food Allergies Take Toll on Family Plans" follows 2 studies that illustrates how food allergies affect daily life.

"The first study shows that caregivers with a food-allergic child were more likely to stop working, reduce work hours or incur financial problems.

A second study found that most families that have members with food allergies limit their vacation destinations. When they did travel, about half said they would eat most meals in their room, and more than 80 percent would ask for special meals if their vacation spot could accommodate them. When preparing to go, most also packed extra emergency medicines and allergen-free food, and almost half researched the location of the closest hospital to their destination."

Of course this is NOT news - just a fact - if you are reading this blog.

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