Monday, February 9, 2009

Car Birthday Party (& Dairy/Egg-Free!)

Like many little boys, our son is obsessed with cars! So for his 3rd birthday, we went all out with a race car theme. We focused on activities instead of food. Here are a few highlights! We had tons of crafts, including: making license plates (the "DMV") with craft foam & stickers, coloring pictures of cars (the "Body Shop"), painting cutouts of cars ("paint jobs") and a bunch of Ethan's hot wheels in a corner (the "Race Track.")
The party was from 9-11, so we had bagels ("spare tires") & flavored (vegan) cream cheese. And coffee for the adults ("fuel!!") for dessert, we had Vegan Cupcakes.
We had goodie bags filled with fun car-themed gifts from And my sister-in-law made these adorable vegan sugar cookies with vegan royal icing.Here are a few resources to get your engine started for a fun racing birthday party!
  • Race-Themed Decorations: Nascar Party Decorations or or Race Day Parties
  • Goody Bag Gifts: Mini Race Car Bubbles, Race Car Notepads,, checker flag soaker balls, and tons of other ideas from Oriental Trading Co.
  • Even More Fun Racing Activities: Race Car Picture Frames, 61 Piece Car Craft Kit
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