Friday, January 23, 2009

Fish & Apples Good For Pregnancy. Just don't try to eat them at the same time, Ladies.

For parents of children with food allergies, research can send you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Theories frequently change & leave you wondering if you are making the best decisions for your children. As a rule-follower, I wanted to do everything exactly right to safeguard my second child from getting food allergies. Only to hear new research that my restricted pregnancy/nursing diet might be old news, and that exposure might be the best medicine instead. Who knows?! I can't wait for some real solid definitive research!

Anyway, new research is suggesting that moms-to-be might eat more apples to reduce chances of asthma in their children, and fish to reduce the chances of the child having eczema. Bottom line for pregnant ladies is one we've heard before, but it's worth repearting: Eat a well balanced diet. Click here for the article.


  1. i saw this, but i ate TONS of fish when i was pregnant and both my girls have bad eczema, so...who knows if it really helps? i guess it can't hurt.

  2. Carrie, I am in my second pregnancy with my first child having known allergies to milk, eggs, wheat and some nuts. I have been back and forth in my mind wondering if I am doing the best for this second child with my current diet and wondering what to do diet wise when I'm breastfeeding this child. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and letting the rest of us know we're not alone!

  3. i went back & forth too. After a restricted diet 5 months while nursing, I finally came to the conclusion that if allergists couldn't come to an agreement about how to prevent allergies, I should just go with my motherly instinct about what was best for my children.

    i hear the wheat allergy is a toughie. best wishes.